Who we are About

Caution Your Blast Ltd. is a London-based boutique digital practice founded in 2010

Our team is a diverse group of digital specialists across design and software engineering disciplines. Each of us has our own story and passions which have driven us towards our profession.

We thrive on being a trusted partner to our customers, building strong working relationships and take pride in growing their digital knowledge and capabilities.

We know that work is a lifestyle. As we take on challenges together, we enjoy supporting each other as we overcome them. It’s why we believe in finding the optimum work/life balance. Quality personal time, where we can think and reflect, is key to what we do.

We strongly believe that all organisations can benefit enormously from the digital revolution

The story behind our company name...

The story behind our company name

Our company name ‘Caution Your Blast’ acts as a reminder of the core challenge inherent with migrating to a digital society. Read more

The phrase has long been displayed on signs near the runway at London City Airport here in the United Kingdom, to remind pilots not to use too much throttle due to the risk of injuring ground staff. But it also co-exists in one other place - as a virtual sign modelled in the computer action adventure game Grand Theft Auto, where it is displayed at Francis International Airport, Liberty City. In this virtual digital world the meaning of the sign is of course totally arbitrary and here the main use of the sign is instead as a ramp to launch your fast moving vehicle into the air for stunts.

The juxtaposition of these two worlds - the real and the virtual - in this one sign, illustrates how in the digital world rules are arbitrary, rules can be rewritten entirely, meanings changed, and new rules constructed.

That the medium of digital has no constraints and boundaries that equate to those of the real world and vice versa, is essential to embrace if we are to responsibly design products and services that harness digital technologies. Even our long-standing theories of human communication are being rewritten as a result.

We now need teams of skilled individuals to help deliver a future we can be proud of given this extraordinary challenge in front of us where almost all ways of communicating, working and living are undergoing massive change. We are building one of those teams and we support others to do the same.