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SPARE SOME CHANGE – BT Contactless Donations


CHALLENGE /// Allow users to donate small amounts to MyDonate charity street collections using just a contactless payment card.

OUTCOME /// Custom device software and cloud solution for contactless card payments via a mobile donation box offering touchscreen interaction, remote rebranding and diagnostics.

DISCIPLINES /// Software engineering


The BT Purposeful Business team approached us having had challenges with their prototype devices for taking contactless payments in charity street collections for BT MyDonate.

We worked with BT and their suppliers in marketing communications, and 3D device design and manufacturing, to solve the issues and create a world-leading secure mobile contactless card payment donation device. The trials of these devices have now completed and shown that the transformation of the street collection service from cash in buckets to digital transactions with contactless cards has resulted in a three to four fold increase in donations.

This work has been great fun for a good cause and involved our first use of the UK's Raspberry Pi, where we integrated this with a 7-inch touch screen to enable user interactions. We also conceived of and created a cloud-based administration service to provide remote management, rebranding, security tracking and support for the devices which will save us a lot of time and effort both here in the UK and as the devices roll out overseas where we have current trials underway.

We are very pleased to see this device being used by many UK charities such as Cancer Research and Red Nose Day raising significantly increased amounts of money per street collector. We are also proud to have been able to support BT MyDonate, as it is a not-for-profit fundraising service free for charities to use, and which passes on 100% of all donations made to the charity, excluding credit/debit card charges.

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