CHALLENGE /// Reduce the cost and complexity of establishing secure and flexible digital file management and storage in Home Office services

OUTCOME /// A common service component that is easy to use, available to any digital service across the Home Office with estimated savings in the region of £5M over 5 years


The Home Office had been driving a programme of migrating paper-based services to digital for four years. It had invested in a new way to manage and store scanned documentation but only had one digital service using this solution, the sunk investment and barriers to adoption together indicated there would be no return on investment.

We reviewed the product with the team to reshape their goals and rethink the solution. We proposed to shift their focus rapidly from delivery of tactical products to delivery of a strategic common service component, where this included:

i) driving and achieving a culture of sharing and reuse with Home Office senior stakeholders, with agreement that all corporate divisions could use a single common service component,

ii) seeking and achieving a change in funding and governance from finite product build and single stand-alone use, to a service model driving high quality and low cost through economies of scale, 

iii) evolving a Software as a Service model from a static product approach including deployment as a single multi-tenant cloud solution with simple API integration and common standards,

iv) establishing a means for greater commoditisation by abstracting the use of licensed products in the solution to allow these to be swapped between competing products easily, and

v) considering other service teams as end users of the component service to identify ways to lower the barriers to adoption, across usability of the developer API to usability of the cost model.

These changes delivered a new service in line with the recent 2017-2020 Government Transformation Strategy of shared platforms, components and reusable business capabilities. It demonstrated that a government department, in this case the Home Office, can benefit from investing in shared common components. The outcome is a tangible investment in reuse that significantly reduces the cost and increases the quality of Home Office services perpetually going forward.

CLIENT /// Home Office

DISCIPLINES /// Service Management, Product Management, Digital Strategy, Digital & Data Standards

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