A groundbreaking online learning service for Civil Servants

Transforming the online learning service whilst creating a new highly usable, scalable and secure cloud solution

The Civil Service's vision is to become a learning organisation, enabling the UK to deal with the political complexities of the coming years.

The existing Learning Management System was based on old technology, was expensive to maintain and had stability issues. Tied with poor usability and accessibility it created learning barriers for 450,000 civil servants. The project had been stalling - a new solution was needed inside 6 months.

We provided a skilled team across engineering, design and product and set out on the key phases of Discovery, Alpha and Beta.

Discovery exposed a wide range of needs across end users. In parallel we ran technology spikes to understand legacy systems, migration challenges, and options for reusable open source solutions and components. An agile team rhythm was set up with small, fast, iterations through user research, analysis, design, build, test and learn.

The prototyping phase of Alpha rapidly built clarity on the needs and identified the value of supporting both formal and informal learning, focused learning for different professions, and serving and tracking video playback. The initial work on the user facing digital service was such a success that 2 further digital services were commissioned and built in under 2 months, a Digital Administration Service and a Digital Events Management Service.

Our recommendations on design and technology have been driven by clear user needs, the service vision, and the wider needs of organisations supplying or working alongside the service. Alongside a service quality target set out in the government Service Standard and the Technology Code of Practice.

Private Beta work was completed in just over four months from the Discovery starting. Continuous service improvement was then established with a core team that includes upskilled civil servants who we have mentored on this journey. Our successful team of specialists began to roll off one by one after six months leaving in place a new long term capability.

Due to the speed of the team and success of the project, benefits realisation is already underway and is on target for the £4m+ savings, as well as transforming the way the entire UK Civil Service thinks about learning and equipping the country for the challenges of the future.

We're proud to have created a new highly usable, scalable and secure cloud solution whilst transforming the online learning service and organisational capabilities that will support the Civil Service vision: To be ‘A Brilliant Civil Service’ that helps to keep the United Kingdom prosperous and secure, supporting the government's we serve in implementing their commitments and delivering high quality services for the public.