Enabling a team to work more effectively and efficiently

Help to better harness teams and new technologies to become more effective and efficient

SuperAwesome are a UK start-up which now claims a global audience of more than 500 million children using its kid safe content services that enforce strict compliance with international laws around child protection, like COPPA and Europe’s GDPR-K.

The product team had challenges in delivering the technology including delivery speed, reliability and quality, ability to harness new technology and to reduce operational costs. SuperAwesome engaged us to help find solutions to these problems.

We mentored the team both as a group and one-to-one providing technical oversight and guidance, progressively sharing experience and knowledge showing the value of collaborative informal learning. We reviewed their existing ways of working and made changes collaboratively with the team that introduced confidence and speed. Individuals achieved more and felt more valuable.

Using learning sessions on specific topics and technologies, such as how to better leverage cloud technologies, increased shared knowledge. This approach created tangible outcomes that included a successful migration to a Continuous Delivery model, enabling the team to massively reduce risks and increase confidence in implementing changes, while being faster and cheaper.

Our work with SuperAwesome resulted in significantly reducing the monthly operational infrastructure costs by setting up a self-managing cloud infrastructure cluster built dynamically from a combination of spot and on-demand instances depending on current market prices.

We greatly enjoyed helping SuperAwesome to better harness their people, teams and new technologies to become more effective and efficient. And as a result to help set the foundations for their growth to becoming global leaders in online protection for children.