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IN PARTNERSHIP WITH /// Ayoupa, InterDigital, Birmingham City Council, University of Aberdeen & Innovate UK

CHALLENGE /// Lead a consortium to deliver a step change in the experience of public transport information delivery.

OUTCOME /// Research, development and trial of several world-first technology innovations to make journey planning more flexible and personalised, cheaper to provide, and offering total privacy.  

DISCIPLINES /// User Experience Design, Product & Service Design, Digital Strategy, and Business Design


Smart Routing is an Innovate UK part-funded project which came about through Caution Your Blast seeking to develop an idea for more personalised, flexible ways of journey planning and monitoring. The intention is to build upon our existing investment and commitment to moving car driving commuters onto more sustainable forms of transport.

When the opportunity arose to participate in the Innovate UK grant opportunity for Integrated Transport called: Enhancing the end-to-end Journey we brought a consortium together to propose the current project. The team was delighted to win this highly contested competition and be awarded an Innovate UK grant (£940,067 of a total project cost of £1,252,837) which Caution Your Blast now lead. 

The project is delivering a number of significant benefits to users including a new level of data privacy when planning and monitoring journeys from door-to-door in the UK. It is delivering major technology innovations broadly based around the two areas of mobile device-centric architecture and the internet of things (IoT). The first demonstrates an alternative to cloud-computing delivering clear ecological and social benefits and is the focus of the project for Caution Your Blast. The second IoT initiative is being run by InterDigital and places them at the forefront of how this technology can drive data sharing and reuse in the transport industry.  

Both these innovations are integrated by our partners Ayoupa into the intelligent mobile iOS App, Commuter, along with new features that delight users. Commuter is being trialed by Birmingham City Council over six months from 1st July 2017 and its value and behavioral impacts will be researched independently by the University of Aberdeen to build on their original baseline of travel experiences in the region at the start of the project.

Commuter works across Great Britain so if you use public transport you are likely to find it very useful and we'd encourage you to try it out. You can download from the App store from the link below.