CLIENT /// Guardian News & Media (GNM)

CHALLENGE /// To provide bundled digital and print subscriptions for a hard launch date in ten weeks for the first Guardian iPad App.

OUTCOME /// Successful iPad App launch on target date allowing consumers to experience free editions, subscribe to digital editions or receive free digital editions if a print subscriber.

DISCIPLINES /// Business Analysis, User Experience Design, Product Management, Solution Architecture, Agile Project Management


The inaugural award winning Guardian iPad Edition was due to launch in ten weeks but had completed no work on their desired retail solution. Commercial requirements beyond a digital subscription included being able to tease consumers with limited access to free editions, pay for one-off downloads, and bundle digital editions free for people who had subscribed to the newspaper. We analysed the commercial options against the highly constrained Apple subscription requirements (Apple’s first version) and commercial needs of partners and capabilities of suppliers and made strategic product recommendations. We quickly contracted services from a US-based supplier to manage Apple receipts, designed and managed integration to the two UK print subscription company systems used by GNM, and designed and managed the delivery of a GNM subscription platform to loosely couple these systems and future-proof the investment. We merged this technology capability with new user interaction features to successfully deliver a high quality, production ready solution for the target launch date.