We are the team

  • We design and make digital products and services, built with and for people


Does your organisation have native digital thinking and practice skills to stay competitive, to stay world class? We have had many successes in transforming organisations to rethink the value they offer and how they go about delivering it given the changing world of digital. We help you become digitally native, to organise yourself differently, to employ new ways of working and unlock your people and your intellectual property.

Service Design

How are you delivering value? With a service, a product, an experience, a brand, or maybe all of these? We practise outside in, customer-centric, research and design that is critical to getting this right. We help you understand how new technologies are changing perceptions and markets, how to exploit these, how to innovate, and what investments work and what does not.

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What technology choices are you making today – big data, cloud infrastructure, social media platforms, mobile technology and machine learning? Are you adhering to standards and aware of best practise? We are experts in software engineering and have designed and developed many complex and critical solutions. We know when to build and when to buy, and help you understand why. Our build approach is rapid, is about reuse, about open source, about standards and the highest quality.