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Charities to go contactless for Christmas

Software allows charities to collect cashless donations
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Ben Stewart

Managing Director/Founder

11 Dec 2019

Caution Your Blast and SumUp enable charities to go contactless for Christmas

Digital practice Caution Your Blast has partnered with SumUp, a mobile payments company, to create a free point of donation software that allows charities to collect cashless donations around the world. Before the holiday season began, Caution Your Blast wanted to cut down the cost of setting up contactless donations for charities from £500 to £100. The software, [Give A Little]( "Give A Little website"), works with linked Android devices, and enables contactless payments at 20 per cent less cost than market-leading providers. Since Give A Little launched, 438 charities have signed up to use it, with 178 of those charities joining in November alone.

“Charities can’t afford to invest in costly card payment systems, yet our increasingly cashless society means they soon won’t have a choice.”

Ben Stewart
Caution Your Blast

Over £100,000 worth of donations have been received since Give A Little become available to download, and £30,000 of that was donated just in November. Additionally, about 70 per cent of donors enable Gift Aid on their donations.

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