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Caution Your Blast announces launch of new UK Government AI-powered service

CYB has built a new innovative enquiry service for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office that leverages Large Language Model technology – a first for the UK Government.
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18 Apr 2024

Caution Your Blast Ltd (CYB) is delighted to announce the launch of an innovative new AI-powered service for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). The new enquiry service leverages Large Language Model (LLM) technology, and will support the FCDO’s Consular Services team in their daily work helping British nationals. This service is a first for the UK Government. 

The service, launched in Private Beta today, will at first be live in Germany and then Greece, before a progressive rollout region by region. By using LLM technology to answer user queries with pre-written, pre-approved FCDO content only, the service will make it easier and quicker for Brits to get the assistance they need. FCDO staff will save time, allowing them to concentrate on more high risk, vulnerable cases.

The launch places CYB as a leading company in the research, design and development of AI for innovative end-to-end digital services. By harnessing AI technology in a safe and assured way it is leading the way for others in government to continue making services better, cheaper and faster. 

Ben Stewart, CYB’s Founder and Managing Director, says: “It’s a special moment, and a great team achievement to see this service go live. There have been many exciting things about doing this work with the FCDO, largely stemming from the potential AI brings to the way public services can be reimagined. Perhaps the most important step was how the team used specific capabilities of AI and rejected others. This was good design in its truest sense. Given the power of AI, the evidence from our research and the values behind our design choices are each now paramount in the technology services we engineer”.

To learn more about this service innovation you can follow CYB on LinkedIn, get in touch at, or join the AI in Government meetup  

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