CYB announces AI partnership with UK Research and Innovation

CYB announces AI partnership with UK Research and Innovation

Caution Your Blast will team up with the Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Sheffield with research to focus on Speech and Language Technologies

Caution Your Blast Ltd (CYB) is delighted to announce a new partnership with the UK Research and Innovation Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) at the University of Sheffield, with focus on researching Speech and Language Technologies (SLT).

CYB recognises, and accepts, the challenges of the near future around how best to use AI technologies in an innovative, productive and ethical manner. As we embark on the journey of how best to utilise this fast-moving technology, we know that SLTs will become an important tool for both digital creatives as well as users, changing both how we build new services and how we live our day-to-day lives. 

Collaboration and knowledge sharing have always been key parts of the CYB ethos. This opportunity to create a learning relationship centred on vital new technologies with such a renowned institution will be beneficial to us both, as well as the wider digital community. Working with the brightest young digital minds in the country, we look forward to furthering our stated aim – to use digital as a force for good.

Richard Grove, CYB’s Director of Digital, says: 

We are delighted to be partnering with the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training. It’s a fantastic opportunity for CYB, our teams and our clients.

CYB is focussed on creating world class digital services for users, at scale. We’ve been using Natural Language Processing, machine learning and AI tools for a number of years, putting us at the forefront of developing algorithms to improve prediction and support judgement - the heart of true AI. It has enabled us to build and enhance quicker, cheaper and higher quality products for people.

Partnering with the best in the world at the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training will only improve our work. It’s key for us to use AI tools to solve actual problems, while integrating and sharing how we do this to further the understanding of the technology.

It’s incredibly exciting to partner with an institution like the University of Sheffield, and support the north to become renowned as one of the leading places in the world to live and work. That is something incredibly important to me. 

Dr Stuart Wrigley, Operations Manager for the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Speech and Language Technologies and their Applications, says: 

Speech and Language Technologies are foundational to AI, and our CDT is training the next generation of SLT scientists and engineers. In parallel with their PhD research projects, our students take part in a bespoke four-year training programme in which they have the opportunity to harness recent revolutionary developments in SLTs to deliver novel applications for social and economic benefit. 

As part of the CDT’s unique SLT Consultancy Hub, they get to experience working with real clients and use the knowledge and experience they have gained from their training and PhD work to advise their clients on how SLTs can bring benefits to their business activities.

Working with CYB is an exciting opportunity to investigate how advanced speech and language AI technologies can be applied to CYB’s data and processes, and we will be providing a range of options for how this can be implemented. This work will have real benefit by supporting CYB’s mission to use digital as a force for good. 

For further information contact: Richard Grove, CYB’s Director of Digital at 

For further information about the UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Speech and Language Technologies (SLT), contact Dr Stuart Wrigley at

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